Press Releases


Aspire and Scholarship America Collaborate to Offer Employer Solution for Student Loan Debt and Tuition (PDF) – May 8, 2019


Iowa Colleges Team Up with Local Student Loan Company to Offer Faculty, Staff Debt Assistance Resources (PDF) – Oct. 31, 2018

Iowa Student Loan Announces New Employee Benefit to Help Pay College Debt (PDF)* – July 12, 2018


Aspire Launches Employer Solution for Student Loan Debt (PDF) – June 12, 2017

Student Loan Provider Announces New Loan Program (PDF)* – March 9, 2017

College Funding Forecaster Tool Helps Families Project Four-Year College Costs (PDF)* – April 5, 2016


Editorial: Student Loan Debt Burdens Parents and Grandparents* – Des Moines Register, May 6, 2017

* News from Aspire’s parent corporation, Iowa Student Loan, regarding solutions provided through College Finance Benefits.