Additional Offerings

Aspire’s wide array of services includes these additional offerings.

Private Loan Referral Program

If you are not ready to fund and manage your own private loan program but are interested in offering a program in your market, contact us for information about a referral program arrangement. Options include:

  • In-school student loans.
  • Parent loans for students who are in school.
  • Refinance loans.

Software Licensing

Student Loan Game PlanSM is a unique online tutorial that helps borrowers understand the implications of overborrowing to pay for postsecondary education. This online learning experience:

  • Is targeted specifically to educate students who are entering and attending college and their parents/cosigners.
  • Can be integrated into an online private loan application process or be used as a stand-alone financial literacy program.
  • Allows students to develop a personalized plan to immediately reduce expenses and encourages responsible borrowing of student loans.

Created by Aspire's parent company, Student Loan Game Plan was introduced during the 2010–2011 academic year. The tool was recently updated with improvements, including better interaction features that allow users to change scenarios to immediately see how decisions affect outcomes.

Data Routing

Created in 2001, iLink routes student loan records between schools, lenders and other servicers via a reliable, flexible and user-friendly system.


  • Provides data routing for lenders and schools.
  • Features a competitive and secure system alternative to other data-routing providers.
  • Offers competitive fees.

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