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Underwriting and Origination

An important aspect of a successful private student loan program is a customer's first impression of the loan application experience. Aspire Resources Inc. has continuously evolved its private student loan application and origination processes over the years to ensure the best possible customer experience.


Electronic Application — For your private student loan program, Aspire can develop and provide an online application branded to your organization. The online application process consists of state-of-the-art technology to streamline and manage the process for borrowers.

The online application also makes use of best-in-class digital signature and authentication technology. In addition, this technology platform includes a system for processing federal disclosures required by the Truth in Lending Act.

Student Loan Game PlanSM This exclusive interactive tool provided within the loan application process educates applicants and cosigners about responsible borrowing decisions and provides customized action plans. Student Loan Game Plan helps students understand the implications of overborrowing and discover how to avoid overborrowing to pay for postsecondary education. As with the application, this module can be customized to complement your organization's branding.

Underwriting Decisions — Aspire combines automation with proficient people processes to ensure your loans are underwritten according to regulations and your criteria. The automated underwriting system evaluates borrowers' and/or cosigners' eligibility and credit characteristics based on your unique criteria. The system tracks and follows up on documents to ensure that the borrowers and cosigners provide necessary documentation in a timely manner. The system also automatically provides required notifications if a borrower's application is denied.

Electronic Disbursements — iLinkOpens a new window simplifies the delivery of private student loan funds for schools and lenders. This data-routing service provides an open system for any school, lender or loan servicer to transmit industry-standard loan files via a reliable, flexible and user-friendly system. iLink also manages the disbursement of loan proceeds to schools and coordinates file exchanges and ACH transactions for lenders.

Secure Storage — Aspire will maintain all required documents and information for you as the loan servicer. Aspire backs up network files daily with AES-256 encryption and uses a secure, off-site storage facility for all files. Tapes are accessible 24 hours a day to approved staff.

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