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Officers and Senior Management Profiles

Steven W. McCullough


As president, Steven W. McCullough is responsible for carrying out strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors. He has ultimate management authority for Aspire and appoints the management team. In addition to his role with Aspire, McCullough is president and chief executive officer of Iowa Student Loan, which he joined in 1989. He is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. McCullough also served on the board of directors of the Education Finance Council; the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity; and the board of the Iowa College Access Network. He holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Iowa. Steve helped create the Corporation's responsible borrowing tools which help families plan for their higher education, figure out how to pay for it, and learn how to create good outcomes.

Erin Lacey

Executive Vice President and Corporate Treasurer

Erin Lacey, with direction and oversight from the CEO and board of directors, oversees the operations and compliance functions and leads the finance and accounting teams. She oversees accounting activities, including budgeting, financial statement preparation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, U.S. Department of Education 799 processing, payment processing and disbursement of all student loan funds. She also coordinates multiple audits that Aspire adheres to, including the financial and SAS 70 audits. While an accounting major at Iowa State University, Lacey began her career with Iowa Student Loan in 1992 as an accounting intern and was later promoted to several positions, including CFO in 2009. Since 2013, she has served as Iowa Student Loan's executive vice president and corporate treasurer in addition to her Aspire duties. Lacey holds a bachelor's degree in financial management from Upper Iowa University.

Cindy Bartz

Vice President of Project Management and Chief Information Officer

As a member of the executive team, Cindy Bartz oversees all program and project management activities for Aspire products and services, including divisionwide programs and initiatives, software development projects, system requirements and contingency planning. She also administers the system development lifecycle process and business impact analysis for contingency planning. As chief information officer, Bartz is responsible for information security, networks, Internet services, databases, programming, commercial software and communication services. Since 2010, Bartz also has served as vice president of project management and chief information officer for Iowa Student Loan. She holds an associate degree from the American Institute of Business and a bachelor's degree from Upper Iowa University.

Joe Bird

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations

Joe Bird, with direction and oversight from the CEO and board of directors, provides leadership in working with colleges and universities, banks and credit unions, professional associations and others utilizing Aspire products and services. Bird has nearly 25 years of experience in sales and marketing in the higher education industry and also serves as senior vice president of business development and client relations for Iowa Student Loan. His work experience includes management-level positions at a guaranty agency, secondary market, loan servicer and college access organization. Bird earned a bachelor's degree in education at Morningside College and a master's degree in higher education administration at Iowa State University.

Mary Kay DeBolt

Senior Vice President of Operations and Corporate Secretary

With direction and oversight from the executive vice president and board of directors, Mary Kay DeBolt provides leadership to a large number of employees engaged in student loan servicing, counseling, collections and other direct communications and services for individual customers. DeBolt is also senior vice president of operations and corporate secretary for Iowa Student Loan, where she has been employed since 1982. She is a graduate of Grand View University and Des Moines Area Community College and a member of the Student Loan Servicing Alliance.

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